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Where did the year go?

If you are like me maneuvering 2022 was not an easy task, there were good days and not so good days , somedays I wanted to give up in my life pursuits. I have never been in this season before and like many humans who are creatures of habit I found myself in a tough place , mourning the loss of what I knew was my life, embracing the new cautiously and carefully and trying to find meaning and purpose in all of it.

In order to find some stability and peace I went on a journey of seeking and finding, I tried to find life mentors who have been in the same place as I was and had made it through...but no two stories, journeys or lives are the same. I looked to others around me, family, friends and loved ones.... but this was my journey not theirs and all they could do was support me and be there for me the best way they humanly knew how, I looked internally relying on my own strength and I realized I had very little...all I can do is take one day at a time, but I wanted more, a vision a plan, passion, my purpose in this season?

It wasn't until I moved the direction of my journey towards God, my creator and maker, it was not until I realized in my pursuit of asking Him questions and needing answers, that He was all I needed no matter what season I found myself in. I realized I was and have never been alone, I was never stuck and every mountain of hardship, every question of self doubt was all leading to a greater good and was all part of my journey this season.

It might sound cliché but the truth is God alone can fill the voids we have , the one that we look to others to fill, to make better, He is the one that has been there from the beginning, He made us and gave us breathe and He has purpose and plan for us , He also called it good after he made us.

He is the beginning and the end, this means he knows the end from the beginning He is the only one who can guide and guard us through to our destination. He is love and OH yes He loves us dearly, He is Love and this means we cannot change His mind about loving us because it is a part of His nature.

Once my Intimacy with God grew, my mindset changed,

my life began to change, passion came again, purpose found itself home and I began to grow and evolve ....

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