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New Year New Beginnings

I find myself in a unique place spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically this new year.2021 came with its challenges and most importantly Blessings. As a new mom of a two month old baby girl, on maternity leave, I appear to be wondering what my next step is career-wise .I love my Job and want to go back to work, but I also do not want to leave my child at a day care, not yet anyway. I in addition do not want to miss out on the many milestones she and I can experience together at this early stage in her life.

Being a mom has given me great amount of purpose and joy but it has come with some significant amount of anxiety: am I doing a good job? Am I doing the right thing if I decide to get back to work early? Will I be able to juggle work and motherhood? Will I ever sleep again? I hope I can be the role model she deserves and more.

Most of us start off the year with resolutions of some sort, loosing weight, eating healthy etcetera, I on the other hand have observed that the resolutions I use to make when I was single do not apply here now in my present state as a wife and mother.

In conclusion 2022 is not just another new year but a brand new season ,unchartered territory for me. Happy new year everyone and may this year be as we all hope and wish it to be

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